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Are you the right pet litter?
- 2019-12-02-

Winter is coming. Is your pet shelter ready?

A dog sleeps for 12 to 14 hours a day, and it has a rest state for 5 to 7 hours. That is to say, it is only a few hours of active time every day. That ’s right. A dog ’s life is the same as a person ’s. , The vast majority spent in bed. Not only that, dog beds can bring these benefits to dogs:

Pet habitat litter gives dogs a sense of security

Dogs instinctively look for warm, safe places, especially in winter. The same is true of the stray dogs you've seen. Even in the hottest days, they will never find their nests in cold, hard places. They will choose places with blankets or even just a piece of cardboard.

In other words, dogs don't really like direct contact with the ground.

Pet habitat litter protects joints

A previous article mentioned that if it rests on the ground for a long time, a large area of hair loss will occur at the elbow joint, which is very ugly. This is precisely caused by the long-term friction between the elbow joint and the ground, whether large or small This is the case. Having a suitable kennel can perfectly solve this problem. For older dogs, it is almost normal to suffer from various joint diseases, and a dog bed can effectively slow down the joint disease. Dogs with pain in the hip also need a suitable dog bed.

Pet habitat litter can improve mood

More and more dogs today suffer from separation anxiety

A warm dog bed can replace the owner to warm the heart of these sick dogs. Of course, the premise is that it will not destroy the bed

Today ’s article, in addition to talking about the benefits of dog beds, that is, kennels, detached families also want to lead everyone to understand the classification of dog beds. Yes, there are many types of dog beds, which will be described in detail next time.